About Us

eggmen design

Our team of IT and graphic design professionals create stunning apps, websites, logos, advertising and all things creative. We have extensive experience working accross all platforms and media with a focus on quality, stand-out, creative design.


Our development team has 40+ years programming experience, so you can rest assured that the back-end, working gears behind your project will be well-built by developers who know exactly what they’re doing. With our designers and developers collaborating together in-house, we build stunning apps and websites with the artwork and design working fluidly and flawlessly together.


Using only the most modern software and technology, the artwork we create for you is made to be used accross all media and platforms. You can work as closely with our team as you like and are encouraged to input your ideas to the design throughout the process, after all, it is your artwork we are creating. The whole design process is open, and we will create different concepts so you find the right style suitable for you. All of your design files can be supplied to you on request whenever you need them.


Working in-house with printing companies for 7+ years has given us the industry knowledge to give your design maximum impact in print, as it does in digital. We colour-match and make sure your work is printed the way it’s designed to be. With printing knowledge we can give you more ideas on adding finishing touches to the final product. We’re also able to supply you with trade printing prices, saving you more.